Live Resin Carts - 1ML - 510 Thread

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Live resin carts. These are thick and potent. Since these are live resin carts. They do get thick towards the end. Its the price for having a good terpene profile.


Strain list:

White Tahoe Cookies

Purple Punch

Cherry Limeanade



Price list:

1ml - $35.00

4ml - $130.00

7ml - $250.00

14ml - $400.00

28ml - $600.00


How to pick different strains/brands:

1.Pick the strains and/or brands you would like from the list above or from the concentrates page. Write them down or remember them.

2. Add the amount of grams total you would like to purchase on the page of only ONE of the brands you would like.

3. When you are ready to check out go to your cart. There you should only see ONE brand of shatter/carts in the selected amount that you have chosen and any other items you may have added to your cart.

4. On the cart page you will see an option at the bottom to add your strain preferences. Please write them here!



Sometimes we run out of strains or get new ones before we have a chance to update the website. If we do not have the strain you ordered we will send you another of the same variety (Indica, Sativa, Hybrid).

If there is any differences in prices between the brands you have selected we will message you with a payment quote before we accept your money transfer. This only applies if there is a difference in prices between the brands you have selected.


We understand that this may be confusing! Message us and we will walk you through the steps and answer any questions you may have.